Lewis Storage and Distribution logoIf you are a self-starter with high energy who is results-oriented and trustworthy, and you thrive in a time-critical, high-volume environment, then Lewis Logistics is the place for you. We are a people-oriented company that has built a culture of loyalty and dedication to serving our customers’ needs.

If these attributes describe you, then consider a career with us as a part of our world-class logistics family. Our culture points include the following:


I am committed to the Vision, Mission, and Culture of Lewis Logistics. I will give 100% effort every day to ensure the success of the company, our customers, and my fellow team members.


I will always tell the truth regardless of the consequences. I will make every effort to deliver on my promises. I will communicate potential broken promises and clear unmet promises as soon as possible.


I am a team player who is committed to the success, safety, and well-being of my fellow employees. My goal is to create an atmosphere of cooperation that promotes the success of the company and our customers. Instead of blame, I choose to seek solutions that will result in positive results for everyone.


I will work to create an atmosphere that promotes a safe and clean work environment. I will conduct myself and operate all equipment in a manner that prevents accidents and ensures a workplace free of injury. I will proactively correct any safety hazard and report it if further action is needed.


I am committed to 100% accuracy in all my efforts. I will ensure that all our customers’ products are kept safe, shipped free of error or damage, and accurately accounted for. I will make sure all products are kept clean and free of damage and shipped in a manner that reflects positively on our customers.


I will treat everyone I encounter with dignity and respect: fellow team members, customers, visitors (including truck drivers), and vendors. My goal is to honor each person in his diversity and practice the “Golden Rule” in all my interactions.


I am committed to the success of the company, our customers, my fellow team members, and myself. I totally focus my thoughts, energy, and attention on the successful outcome of whatever I am doing. I am willing to win and allow others to win. At all times, I display my inner pride, prosperity, competence, and personal confidence. I am a successful person.